Africa Car Carrier

Africa Car Carrier

Africa Car Carrier

Shipment of Cars, SUV, Vans, Trucks

African Agents

For each port ACC selected the most reliable agency which is in permanent contact with the Line and the vessel.

Mediterranean Agents

The local agent will assist you wherever possible to easy the retrieve of your goods from the port.

Booking Agents

To simplify your bookings, ACC appointed booking agents. They will assist you through the whole proces.

Shipment of Cars SUV, Vans, Trucks

Africa Car Carrier is a company which gives you best of the shipping services in Africa, Europe and USA. With three sister concern companies ACC has become the best choice for dealers and agents who want to give the best services to their customer. Your vehicles wait at our safe parking for loading and departure to their destination.

Africa Car Carrier offers regular departures for your vehicles out of the USA and Europe to Africa and ports around the world.

Quality Shipping

All vehicles are considered as new and are handled with absolute care.

In the vessel they are stored with sufficient space between them.

Lashed with at least 4 attachments per unit secure a safe voyage.